Old Lady Prep Work

A question to ponder this week. 👇🏻
If you continue on your present course….

👉🏻if you as a woman; as a mom or daughter, married or widowed, friend, church attendee, worker etc….

👉🏻if you carry on as you do with your attitudes, thoughts, words, and treatment of others that are your habit from moment to moment NOW…

👉🏻…What kind of old lady will you be? Will others look back at your years and see Christ’s work, or that it was all about you, you, you?

If you’re a gossip now you’ll be a gossip-y old lady. Actually MORE gossip-y.
If you’re a discontent young mom now you’ll be a discontent old lady. Actually MORE discontent.
If you’re a lazy young woman now you’ll be a MORE lazy old lady.
If you’re a selfish middle aged woman now you’ll be a selfish and demanding old lady.

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Remember this: You reap WHAT you sow, MORE than you sow, AFTER you sow.

👉🏻Submit your thoughts, attitudes, and actions to what you see instructed in the Word of God. Ask God to start molding you into an old lady that could be described by 1 Timothy 5:9,10. He is able to correct our present course and encourage us moment by moment with necessary changes to our present norm.


2 thoughts on “Old Lady Prep Work

  1. That sounds just like what I read many years ago in a book by Jean Fleming. Great advice! (and book)
    Thank you for the reminder.


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