Need some encouragement on the ASAP? These are my favourite testimony links from over the years. Life can get slightly overwhelming at some points and I know I need to remind myself of the faithfulness of the Lord in those moments. I LOVE hearing how God has worked miraculously in the lives of other people and I want to share them with you so you can come and find them easily when you need to hear someone else tell you all that the Lord has done for them. It gives me a proper refocus and builds my trust again in all that He’s done for others while I wait to see what He’ll do with my own story and those so closely tied to mine. There’s a reason that Jesus told people to ‘go and tell what God has done for you!’ We are encouraged by God working in other’s lives!

Micah Wilder ~ A Mormon missionary meets Jesus.

Dr. Richard Ganz ~ Freud to Jesus.

Charo Washer ~ Missionary for 12 years with husband Paul Washer, before her conversion.

Luke Hahn ~ God had to strip me of everything.

David Wood ~ Former atheist’s conversion.

Nabeel Qureshi ~ Seeking Allah Finding Jesus.

Nikki Hiltz ~ My cousin’s beautiful change of heart.

Dave Ramsey ~ He met God on the way up but got to know Him on the way down.

Erin Coates ~ Shares her testimony during an interview on an episode of Tulips & Honey.