Our Favourite Things Part 2

Part 1 is here.

Again, please remember Homegrown Homeschool Consignment and Supplies when you are looking for good books, and ChristianbookChapters and Amazon are the first places I look online.

The Layered Garden, David L. Culp

This was a game-changer for my plans for my property. Exactly what I was looking for. So much inspiration for creating gardens that are beautiful in all seasons.

The Complete Gardener, Monty Don

Monty Don is great! So down to earth, so much helpful practical information on everything from roses to leeks. If you enjoy gardens but you’ve not heard of him, search for his gardening shows on YouTube.

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, Rosaria Butterfield

My daughter read this after reading The Gospel Comes With a House Key last year, and she highly recommends it. I’ve only just started, but I love her testimony and the way she challenges me to think more deeply and biblically and get rid of the clichés.

Debt-Kickin’ Mom’s Meal Plan/Grocery Shop Method

I said at the conference that I have saved a lot of money each month since starting to use her method in January, and it is true, but of course the disclaimer is that I was wasting a lot money before that. Not intentionally, but wasting all the same. Sobering discovery. Our budget had to change and something had to give. I am a recovering stockpiler and am spending a lot less and learning to plan around the inventory. I am so pleased with this system.


You can read about it on the blog if you haven’t already.

Praying the Bible, Donald S. Whitney

This changed my whole idea of prayer! Also motivated me to get back to memorizing scripture.

The Silver Lining, Nancy Wilson

Picked this up wanting to get ahead of the game and expecting practical tips on being a good grammie since I know Nancy to be very practical, but wasn’t prepared for the conviction! Should have been, because I also know Nancy to get right to the point. Yikes! Want to be a godly grandmother? Are you a godly woman now? Get working on it – one flows out of the other. Recommended for all, young and old.

Femina Podcast, Nancy Wilson

Nancy also has begun a weekly podcast, most are between eight and 15 minutes long. Lots of good insights and in short enough packages that it is easy to tuck it in your day. New one every Friday. https://femina.libsyn.com/

And before the last bunch of books, I have to say:

I know we said that “if Doug wrote it, you should read it” in the context of his books often being misnamed in our opinions due to their relevance to a much broader audience than their names would imply. We haven’t read everything Doug wrote so obviously we can’t vouch for it all and OF COURSE we have stressed plenty of time in God’s Word studying LONG PORTIONS IN CONTEXT first so that you will have discernment when you read.

Having said that, Doug Wilson and his family have met a HUGE need in my life in recent years. So much relevance, so much optimism, so much confident creativity in living out this life with Christ.

Confessions of a Food Catholic, Douglas Wilson

By “food catholic”, Doug means someone who eats and enjoys all kinds of foods, something that a lot of us have chosen not to do and have lost some important truths and maybe picked up an idol or two along the way. I have struggled with the issues he addresses and I love how he handles them. Level-headed, let’s get things back in perspective writing here.

Why Children Matter, Douglas Wilson

Do I ever wish I had had this book 25 years ago! The book is a short, easy read, and unlike most parenting books I have read, took a load of weight off my shoulders. Doug has been one of the main teachers who has shown me that the point of parenting is not turning out good kids but being a good parent, meaning that I am the one who needs the most work first. A beautiful side benefit of becoming a good parent is that your kids get good parenting. Praise God; He has this parenting thing covered, even when I don’t. I am also including a series of short videos he and Nancy released when the book was published, as well as the first of four Q&A sessions that they held after sermons at their church on the subject. I found them all helpful.

Future Men, Douglas Wilson

Perfect example of the title being misleading! This is not just for parents of boys. A wealth of Christian truth and practicality for everyone in this book. Read it ASAP.

Her Hand in Marriage, Douglas Wilson

Don’t wait to read this until you have kids who want to get married, or even who want to start dating. Helping our kids through the process starts much earlier… and remember what we said about parenting?

Ploductivity, Douglas Wilson

This one changed how I look at those 15 minutes here and there that get frittered away on who knows what. Doug is the kind of guy who gets through a large book by listening on audio three minutes at a time while he is “commuting” to work. I also have to admit that I gave Doug a little wider berth for a short time after reading this one because he raises the bar and I got tired. Ha! True story. But I loved it, and I am learning to accomplish much by plodding along faithfully rather than looking for that amazing system or app or scheduling magic wand that will change everything.

What I Learned in Narnia, Douglas Wilson

Oh my! If you love Narnia, drop everything and find this book! If you don’t love Narnia, drop everything and read the Chronicles of Narnia! Don’t watch the movies, read the books! Brilliant. Reading it truly feels like two old friends talking about other old friends and all the good times they had together.

How to Love Your Teenager, Douglas Wilson

Good stuff. Don’t wait until they are teenagers to listen, but if you have teenagers (or adult children!), it’s a real good time to learn how to love them better.

I hope you find some new favourites among mine. Enjoy.