Conference Schedule

Valley Homeschool Encouragement Conference 2016

2:00 – Welcome & Introduction

2:15 – Setting the Stage, Homeschooling Long-term Success (Mariam Sheepwash)

3:30 – Coffee Break & Store

4:00 – Purposeful Parenting with Mariam Sheepwash

5:00 – Supper & Store

6:30 – Mariam’s Testimony with Mariam Sheepwash

8:00 – Store open until 9pm

8:00am – Coffee & Muffins, Store open

9:00am –Homeschooling Highschool: Reaching the Heart of Your Teenager with          Stephanie Jackson

Highschool is recognized by its demand for increased academics and the stress of preparing for life after homeschooling but there is also much to celebrate and many opportunities to help inspire your teen.  Don’t get lost in all of the “must get dones” and miss out on the “wow, look what they dids”.

10:00am – Our Favourite Things with Charmin, Cheryl, & Shannon

Your hosts will introduce some of their favourite and life-changing products and          books. (Prizes will be handed out during this session!!)

10:30 – Coffee Break

11:00 – Preparing for Purity with Mariam Sheepwash

12:00 – Lunch, Store open

1:00 – Nova Scotia Legal Update with Stephanie Jackson

Do you know the difference between the Education Act, Legislation, Regulations                   and          policy?  Are you intimidated by the forms?  Do you have questions about          homeschooling          in Nova Scotia?  This is your chance to hear what is going on in          the province.  Come          prepared to ask questions.

1:30 – Role as Wife & Mother (Mariam Sheepwash)

2:30 – Coffee & Store

3:30 – Caring for Mom (Mariam Sheepwash)

4:30 – Dismissal, Store open