Bible Chat Matthew 24-28


So it’s Christmas week and I totally thought it was Friday all day yesterday! That means I completely missed Bible Chat day… let’s do some catch up, shall we?

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I’d also love to hear your thoughts from the last part of the book of Matthew. Fill the comment section up and encourage each other. There’s so much to learn and we all help each other see different things.


Bible Chat: Matthew 20-23

Time to share your thoughts on the reading this week, or just pop in to say you’re reading along with us in the comments!

Here’s a thought I had this week:

Matthew 20:33 “Lord, let our eyes be opened.”

I’m thinking that’s the most important prayer a person can pray. Our blindness overwhelms us and we have no idea there’s a need to see, the dark feels normal… we’ve never known it any other way. But like these blind men in chapter 20 who had been told of the richness brought to a life because of sight, we hear that we are stumbling around in the spiritually dark and there’s a bright new world of true understanding to be had. Those who realize this beg to see it and there’s only one Person they can ask to make it so. Jesus.

Have you asked that your eyes be opened? Spiritually are you a Pharisee? When you open your Bible does life get put in a box? When you are blind obedience gets misplaced. It is pride and self inflation that blinds us to the simple truth of Jesus. He needs to remove the veil to that whole new world.

Be constantly asking, “Lord, let our eyes be opened.”


There’s Hope in Being Wrong

Is this statement straight from Jesus for your heart right now? Do you need to hear this?

Have a hard question?
Think ‘that’ was a coincidence?
Doubts creeping in?
Relationship problems?
Christmas a painful experience?
Think you’re ‘all that’?
Getting the idea you can create your own destiny?

If you are losing sight of the good, hopeful, and strengthening path it means you need to reintroduce yourself to MORE Scripture and stand in awe of the power of God… then wait for it to be displayed in front of you. It’s always there but our own selves get in the way of seeing it and we need to push US out of the way and let the WORD fill our view with hopeful Truth!


Choose a Word for 2021

It’s that time of year again… time to start thinking of New Year’s Resolutions a WORD for the new year coming up!

Each year I pray about one word to focus on. I display my word where I’m reminded of it often, learning and growing in that area all year long.

I explain the why & how on a previous blog post. You can find it HERE. I hope you are intrigued and join in along with me!


Bringing Children to Jesus

I wonder what happened to each of those children?
What was the rest of their life like after being blessed and prayed for by Jesus in the flesh?

I bring my children to Jesus all day long, every single day, and fall asleep ushering them forward to His presence every single night with intense prayer. I can imagine the compulsion those parents felt all those years ago, that if they could just get them to Jesus they’d be okay.

I don’t believe for one minute that life was all roses for those kids after Jesus went away. The same monotonous routines of the day and squabbles with siblings continued on. They would have experienced aches & pains, loss & hunger, many also falling into persecution for their association with the Christ…. But that blessing from ‘God with us’ never diminished from their lives, ever.

I continue to bring my kids to Jesus day after day even though they’re almost all grown up. I’ve experienced things in my home that only God Himself could accomplish, showing the futility of my own attempts at righteous parenting and also grace bestowed on a sinner like me, and them.

At the end of the day these people who took the time to bring their children to wherever Jesus was and just be prayed for by their Messiah, are heroes of the faith. They didn’t trust that their own faith in this Man could be enough, they knew these little people needed a personal experience with the Christ themselves.

I want to talk with a few of those children when I’m in glory. I’m looking forward to praising God for what He’s done in my family alongside their parents who will be praising God for the blessing He was willing to give them.

Keep bringing your kids to Jesus.



A couple things to notice as you read through the gospels:

~ Jesus provides.
~ Jesus allows His disciples to experience lack before He provides.
~ Jesus’ provision does not depend on His disciple’s circumstances.
~ Jesus’ provision can be terribly unconventional.

So what are you waiting on the Lord for these days? Remember verses like this from your reading and take comfort that when the time comes your need will be taken care of. Just prepare yourself to be obedient and ready to grab a fishing pole if necessary.


A Stormy Meeting Place

How’s life? Are things sketchy right now? Like the disciples that night out on the sea have you been fighting the waves and battling the contrary wind for a while and desperately trying to hold on and not get thrown overboard?

You can see where you should be… right over there, on the land… but mister man, this storm just won’t allow you to make any headway and you’re not so sure anymore that this isn’t just going to be your new forever normal.

Take heart, Jesus is coming to meet you in the storm. And He comes supernaturally walking on top of the circumstances. He is not held to the norms of nature or society in any respect. Nothing holds Him back and this crazy weather beating at you and your boat isn’t pointless either.

If life is dark and turbulent right now the stage is being set for you to understand more of Jesus and see Him work in a whole new way.

Take heart, my friend. Jesus is there. Peer into that darkness and seek Him as for hidden treasure. He will come in the middle of your storm and increase your faith.


Bible Chat: Matthew 10-13

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You can simply leave a comment letting us know you were reading along with us, OR you can leave a thought or two about what you read. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I’ll share something that popped out in a new way this week… and maybe you already knew this, but bear with me…

I have heard so many times that the part in Matthew 13:44-46 about buying a field because it has a treasure hidden and selling all the pearls to buy the one of great price is talking about our willingness to give up all to gain salvation… But then I read and reread this section all week and it finally got through my thick brain that it’s talking about what JESUS did! Which is why this Bible Challenge is, I believe, the best way to dive into Scripture.



Praise the Lord.

Jesus gave Himself to buy His Church. GLORY.

~ Shannon

Now full up the comments, let us know you joined in. 🤗