Colossians 2:18

Colossians 2:18 could be a confusing verse to us 2021 English speaking North Americans. It’s why a concordance is a great friend! Let’s rewrite this verse looking up the original meaning of a few of those words that may trip us up in our trusty Strong’s Concordance. Swipe to see the process. Let me know … More Colossians 2:18

Are You Prepared?

God’s faithfulness is proven in difficulty, not ease. It was a huge blow. “It’s a brain tumour.” It’s been 5 years today since that first 10 hour brain surgery. My parents had just flown out to visit my sister in Edmonton, excited for a visit with a pile of grandbabies. But dad could tell as … More Are You Prepared?


So what’s not working and you keep trying to prop it up and declare it productive religiosity? What things are you trusting as solutions that keep failing and you keep trying to tweak? These verses are a perfect picture of so much today that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Ask God to show … More Dagon

Mr. Weak

Feel like Mr. Weak some days/years??? Set your hope fully on the prize before you. Gird up those loins and give it all you’ve got, whether it’s running or crawling… just keep your eyes looking ahead to Zion… keep moving, no matter how slow it feels. Your heart moves toward what gives it the most … More Mr. Weak

D&P Episode 7

A new chat is up on the Doctrine & Pancakes page. Want yo hear us chat about everything from opposition & pinched babies to seasons & drawing boundaries in relationships?? Check it out HERE.

Written in Red…

🩸 Written in red simply to remind us of the blood of Jesus that should cover our relationships. 🩸 Hosea is a beautiful reminder of what we are given and consequently to live out for others. Display salvation to the unsaved and grace & forgiveness to your fellow redeemed wretches. 🩸“Having purified your souls by … More Written in Red…