Are You Prepared?

God’s faithfulness is proven in difficulty, not ease. It was a huge blow. “It’s a brain tumour.” It’s been 5 years today since that first 10 hour brain surgery. My parents had just flown out to visit my sister in Edmonton, excited for a visit with a pile of grandbabies. But dad could tell as … More Are You Prepared?

New Around Here???

Hello! I’m Shannon and I’m a lover of Scripture. My friends and I enjoy reading our Bibles in a way that allows us to always be on the same page and able to discuss what we are learning together and ask each other questions to help dig deeper. 📖In a time when I was desperate … More New Around Here???

Don’t Quit!

Getting tired? Feel like it’s more of a chore some of those February days to flip that Bible open and get fed? Take heart and purpose to read it no matter what! You reap huge benefits when you dare to keep opening those pages… even though your body & circumstances are screaming that you don’t … More Don’t Quit!

D&P Episode 7

A new chat is up on the Doctrine & Pancakes page. Want yo hear us chat about everything from opposition & pinched babies to seasons & drawing boundaries in relationships?? Check it out HERE.

Old Lady Prep Work

A question to ponder this week. 👇🏻 If you continue on your present course…. 👉🏻if you as a woman; as a mom or daughter, married or widowed, friend, church attendee, worker etc…. 👉🏻if you carry on as you do with your attitudes, thoughts, words, and treatment of others that are your habit from moment to … More Old Lady Prep Work