Put it in a nutshell

Be ready for tomorrow’s wrap up in reading Ecclesiastes by taking some time to put it in your own words in a sentence or three. THIS is when you really absorb and digest the goodness you’ve been chewing on all week. 🍽 Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!!! ~Shannon

Bible Study Adultery

😱Are you committing Bible Study Adultery? The only teacher you need is the Holy Spirit. Do you believe this verse? Or do you just believe and obey what the commanding voices in your life have said? It’s time to get to know Scripture for yourself… just between you, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. That’s … More Bible Study Adultery

We know that the Old Testament saints were required to perform sacrifices as part of their obedience & worship… those sacrifices were all pictures of what Christ saved us from and a hands-on constant reminder of our dependence on Christ’s work. As I read Daniel 3 again today I realized God didn’t want an animal … More