Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Many of you have met my mom and know she’s 💃💃💃! We are thankful for her… everyone is always surprised to hear about her transformation all those years ago. For Mother’s Day I thought you may enjoy revisiting a bit of her story that she shared at the 2018 conference. … More Mother’s Day 2021


Are you able to willingly rest in the perfect sovereignty of God when all seems to be getting dark around you? His sovereignty is actually the only light you need in the darkest & most confusing of times. Let’s do our best to learn to rest in that truth, surrendering to the building of HIS … More Sovereign

Honest Friendship

I will never forget the moment my mother tested my teenage self in giving my honest opinion. She came out of her room in a ridiculous shoe choice for the outfit she was in and with a perfectly serious face asked if it looked okay. I didn’t want her to feel bad so I said, … More Honest Friendship


Sooner or later what we’ve planted will start producing and all will know what we have been sowing in the seemingly inconspicuous parts of our fields. What are you planting today? The pursuit of Christ, or self? Rest assured, we will harvest more than we planted. One seed grows an abundance of its own kind. … More Sowing


Busy days? Rough last-of-the-winter days? Keep on choosing to serve. Us mommas have the ultimate job of teaching our kids what ‘my life for yours’ looks like on a practical level. It’s NEVER perfect and we will ALWAYS keep falling, messing up, and realizing more and more of our sin & shortcomings… it’s called being … More Winded

Don’t be….

In a world where women would rather hear soothing encouragements no matter what they’re doing or what they feel like… a world where you can find multiple makeup tutorials, face massage how-to videos (really?!), and the perfect filter to always assure you’ll get a compliment … a world where people get offended and walk away … More Don’t be….

Are You Prepared?

God’s faithfulness is proven in difficulty, not ease. It was a huge blow. “It’s a brain tumour.” It’s been 5 years today since that first 10 hour brain surgery. My parents had just flown out to visit my sister in Edmonton, excited for a visit with a pile of grandbabies. But dad could tell as … More Are You Prepared?