Bible Study Adultery

😱Are you committing Bible Study Adultery? The only teacher you need is the Holy Spirit. Do you believe this verse? Or do you just believe and obey what the commanding voices in your life have said? It’s time to get to know Scripture for yourself… just between you, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. That’s … More Bible Study Adultery

Obeying orders?

Can you imagine a farmer that gets up and runs 5k each day, works out at the gym, then watches videos of previous races in order to tweak how he can run faster for another competition? Can he really expect to look out at his corn field and see it thriving and producing? He’d be … More Obeying orders?

Are you vulnerable?

Girl, are you vulnerable? Can you stand your ground spiritually? Or are the voices and influences around you able to shake you up and convince you of their way of thinking and distract you from your rightful course? Is the culture, christian or secular, leading you around like a puppet on a string without you … More Are you vulnerable?

With & For

🥖 🍷 Christ came in flesh to break bread WITH His people, and to break His body FOR them. He poured the wine at the table WITH them as one last object lesson of His blood He’d be pouring out FOR them in a matter of hours. 🥖 🍷 With & For. Two extremely important … More With & For

We know that the Old Testament saints were required to perform sacrifices as part of their obedience & worship… those sacrifices were all pictures of what Christ saved us from and a hands-on constant reminder of our dependence on Christ’s work. As I read Daniel 3 again today I realized God didn’t want an animal … More

God In Flesh

🗿In their world their gods wouldn’t meet them face to face. 🗿Their god’s hands were tied down with wood, metal, & stone, unable to move unless their worshippers took hold of them. 🗿In their world the gods didn’t care so much about revealing themselves to their people and showing up in their need. 🗿Revealing a … More God In Flesh

But if not,

O, to have the heart of these men! Looking at the last few moments of their life for all they knew, and willing to be engulfed in flames rather than give allegiance to whom it does not belong. Of course God can step in and save at any moment… but does He still have your … More But if not,

Colossians 2:18

Colossians 2:18 could be a confusing verse to us 2021 English speaking North Americans. It’s why a concordance is a great friend! Let’s rewrite this verse looking up the original meaning of a few of those words that may trip us up in our trusty Strong’s Concordance. Swipe to see the process. Let me know … More Colossians 2:18