D&P 10 is up!

Want to take a listen? We discuss the upcoming conference, the right kind of comfort, neediness, and Bible Chat goodness. Check out the latest episode HERE!

D&P Episode 9

There’s an episode 8 1/2 somewhere that I haven’t edited yet. I still just might get around to listening to it and sharing some snippets… for now we will share this one. We talk about defining terms, this year’s 2021 VWEC, Cheryl’s store, Jekyll & Hyde, and whatever else we could fit around those topics. … More D&P Episode 9

Bible Chat : Esther

It’s time to let us know with a wave that you’re reading with us or share a thought… did you love reading Esther??? Want to hear us chat about seeing Jesus in Scripture and how what we learned this week? Check out link in bio for another episode of D&P! It’ll encourage you! Episode 8 … More Bible Chat : Esther

D&P Episode 7

A new chat is up on the Doctrine & Pancakes page. Want yo hear us chat about everything from opposition & pinched babies to seasons & drawing boundaries in relationships?? Check it out HERE.