Bible Study Adultery

😱Are you committing Bible Study Adultery? The only teacher you need is the Holy Spirit. Do you believe this verse? Or do you just believe and obey what the commanding voices in your life have said? It’s time to get to know Scripture for yourself… just between you, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. That’s … More Bible Study Adultery

We know that the Old Testament saints were required to perform sacrifices as part of their obedience & worship… those sacrifices were all pictures of what Christ saved us from and a hands-on constant reminder of our dependence on Christ’s work. As I read Daniel 3 again today I realized God didn’t want an animal … More

God In Flesh

🗿In their world their gods wouldn’t meet them face to face. 🗿Their god’s hands were tied down with wood, metal, & stone, unable to move unless their worshippers took hold of them. 🗿In their world the gods didn’t care so much about revealing themselves to their people and showing up in their need. 🗿Revealing a … More God In Flesh

Colossians 2:18

Colossians 2:18 could be a confusing verse to us 2021 English speaking North Americans. It’s why a concordance is a great friend! Let’s rewrite this verse looking up the original meaning of a few of those words that may trip us up in our trusty Strong’s Concordance. Swipe to see the process. Let me know … More Colossians 2:18


Life looks really different than we ever thought it would right now. Haggai reminds us that our purpose hasn’t changed in all this, but we may have lost sight of it. God continually calls us back to our foundation. He calls us back to finding our true purpose in Him and whatever He wants to … More Foundation