Bible Chat: 2 Peter

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Here’s a fav part in the reading this week for me…

One of the most comforting verses I’ve ever read is 2 Peter 2:7-9. ‘…and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked (for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard); then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials,’.

Again and again over the years this verse has come to me when it has appeared hopeless or it seems someone is just too hardened,… it is so comforting to know how God sought out His own child who was far from where they should be and literally pulled them to safety with bare hands despite their sinful ways. And then has the audacity to declare Lot, a man full of wicked choices, righteous! He wasn’t declared righteous because of anything but that God wished him to be so, and kept him safe from the judgement the whole city rightly received.

That’s how God cares for His children.
That’s how much my righteousness depends on me.
GLORY, we have a merciful God!

Take Care…

It’s what we are doing!!!
We ARE growing in the grace & knowledge of our Savior!!!
Keep plugging away in the Bible Challenge with us. We are building major spiritual muscles & discernment that’ll be needed sooner rather than later!

Just a couple days left to read & reread 2 Peter.


Your Leash

Every moment of every day you are choosing your master. So who’s calling your shots?

Your appetite?
Your emotions?
Your insecurity?
Your fear?
Your pride?
Your traditions?
Your kids?
Your bank account?
Your phone?

Challenge yourself to notice this week who’s got the other end of that leash around your neck. … Then ask God to break the cycle of that dependence and follow only Him as your Master, free & clear.

These lesser masters have to be shown to us through the Holy Spirit, and He alone can break those chains. Maybe this will be a very freeing week for us as we wait on the Lord to reveal things that need to be brought to Him to be subdued.


Don’t Quit!

Getting tired? Feel like it’s more of a chore some of those February days to flip that Bible open and get fed?
Take heart and purpose to read it no matter what! You reap huge benefits when you dare to keep opening those pages… even though your body & circumstances are screaming that you don’t feel like it and don’t have time!

Pull up your chair and just look at how much we have already dug into at the table this year!… and we’re just getting started!!!

If you are new to the Bible Challenge it’s important to know that you NEVER fall behind and you are NEVER too late to join in. Check out the link in the bio and pick up with wherever we are. There’s a bunch of us ladies who are getting to know Scripture in an oh-so-simple but life-changing way.

Join us???

~ Shannon

To-do List for Today

Want to have a productive day? It’s not about the food made or the cleaned house. It’s not about the prep work for tomorrow or that thing that has to finally get done and crossed off the list from yesterday. Even if nothing on the to-do list gets completed ~ if you get these things done, God considers it an EFFECTIVE & FRUITFUL day!
Ponder these verses a lot this week. Ask God to remind you of the eternal qualities instead of believing there’s more glory in the temporal.


It’s Not About You

Don’t be offended but…

… it’s not about you.
… it’s always completely and wholly about glory to the only One who deserves it.
… SO, proclaim HIM! It’s what you were chosen to do!

In whatever you do today ‘abstain from the passions of the flesh’ (1:11) that keep you from proclaiming Christ in word and deed.


Mr. Weak

Feel like Mr. Weak some days/years???

Set your hope fully on the prize before you. Gird up those loins and give it all you’ve got, whether it’s running or crawling… just keep your eyes looking ahead to Zion… keep moving, no matter how slow it feels.

Your heart moves toward what gives it the most hope and it is easily deceived and desperately wicked. It needs to be trained to know the only true Hope.

Read your Bible. There is prep work to be done to ensure your forward motion in the right direction!


1 Peter 1:13

Something for you to mull over and apply today from 1 Peter 1:13…

Check out the Strongs concordance definition of what it means to ‘prepare your mind’ in a nutshell:

I wish y’all could come over and tell me what you think about that. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Young’s Literal

I love this verse as read from the Young’s Literal Translation.

As I understand it, this translation is directly from the greek & hebrew without changing it to appease our English grammar issues.
Cool, eh?