Bible Memory

Scripture memory is an important part of school curriculum for many families. I have created my own Scripture memory box according to the Charlotte Mason style to help make Bible memorization simple and productive, but not laborious.

3418-smWith this box  you can choose from the many verses to work on each day and as you see the children hide each one in their heart you can move it into each corresponding tab to review it less and less frequently, all the while beginning and reviewing new verses each day.

3441-smYou will see great results in long-term retention and can use these verses regularly as reminders of God’s promises and guidance in our daily lives.
One of the bonuses of these card packs is that many have whole chapters or sections to memorize together instead of just one verse at a time, making the context for each verse much easier to understand, and the natural flow allows for faster long-term retention.

3420-smIncluded in your Bible Memory Box:

Hand-crafted wooden box with laminated Bible verse memory cards & instructions, all labelled index dividers needed for daily, every-other day, weekly and monthly verse review.

Only $45.00 (includes the Red Pack Memory cards)    

         Additional memory packs available for $10 each or $5 when purchased with Red Pack.

Red Pack – 40 cards – 95 verses (Old and New Testament)

Green Pack – 33 cards – 118 verses (Old & New Testament)

James Pack – 30 cards – the whole book of James

Titus Pack – 18 cards – the whole book of Titus

Colossians Pack – 30 cards – the whole book of Colossians

With more packs on the way!!!

Let this ready-to-go box help make Bible memory simple and productive!

Order yours today  from Shannon via email: or see them in person at HomeGrown Homeschool Consignment & Supplies