Bible Challenge

πŸ“– Shannon’s Bible Challenge Reading for May 28 – June 3 ~ Romans 11-16

I’ll be reading the Romans 11-16 every day this week. Join me?!

Come to the Table

This is your invitation to come to the table and stop trying to survive on table scraps & crumbs from other’s meals. There is a feast waiting for you each and every day if you are willing to pull your chair up and have a seat. 

Welcome to the little page of the internet that can change your life if you’ll join in! This is the single most important thing that you can tackle this year. A bold statement, but true!

This year no matter what, no matter when, no matter how hard it is to keep plugging away at making this challenge a reality in your daily life, DO IT!!! I’m cheering you on along with a host of others who have taken part in this life-changing experience of reading your Bible a whole book at a time.

If you would appreciate someone leading you in where to read come here each Sunday throughout 2023 to see what book (or chapters) I’m reading for the coming week and join in. Some women like to be given a plan and it’s great to be able to chat with others who are on the same page as you, too.  If you know where you want to jump in all by your onesies, go for it!

There is no wrong way to read your Bible; it’s only wrong not to read it at all. I’ll be all over my bible this year enjoying both Old Testament and New Testament books.

Large portions is key and context is huge.

Here is the Bible Challenge in a nutshell. A second copy in french is available thanks to a fabulous friend of mine. Feel free to copy and share to your heart’s content. I want every woman in the world to experience this!

Remember, #1 of the Bible Challenge is the most important one… if that’s all you do it’s still perfect!


Join in! It’ll change your life! Then, pass it on to others and watch what happens as God does crazy big things all around you!