Obeying orders?

Can you imagine a farmer that gets up and runs 5k each day, works out at the gym, then watches videos of previous races in order to tweak how he can run faster for another competition? Can he really expect to look out at his corn field and see it thriving and producing? He’d be crazy to expect to reap a harvest from the land while he’s off focused on a completely different set of goals.

… Or an athlete who gets up to bacon and eggs every morning before heading out to check cattle and mend fences expecting to nail the 100m dash at the olympics the next time they roll around.

… A carpenter who spends his days fixing cars… you get the idea.

Paul reminds us to remember who’s and what we are. 👉🏻We are Christ’s soldiers – ‘Remember Jesus Christ…for which I am suffering, bound with chains as a criminal. But the word of God is not bound!’ (2Tim.2:8,9) Though things weren’t playing out comfortably for Paul he could look at his job description and being in jail didn’t change the fact that he was fulfilling his duty. The Word of God was being obeyed and displayed through him. He was obeying his Master, Jesus Christ.

If Christ saved you, remember you are HIS and playing by HIS rules and following HIS orders and you aren’t to be getting sidetracked by orders or plans from outside the camp. Stick with your purpose no matter how bossy or alluring rules are from other professions or commanding officers… they aren’t yours; you are Christ’s.


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