Are you vulnerable?

Girl, are you vulnerable?

Can you stand your ground spiritually? Or are the voices and influences around you able to shake you up and convince you of their way of thinking and distract you from your rightful course?

Is the culture, christian or secular, leading you around like a puppet on a string without you even realizing it?
This is why the Bible Challenge is so important. The independent confidence through learning hard and fast Truth from the Word of God grounds us women who can quickly be swayed by emotion, difficult relationships, material enjoyment, and selfishness. We are so easily bogged down and blinded by our sinful circumstances…the same sinful circumstances hailed as powerful and life giving and ‘your right’ by those around us.

The clarity that Scripture study brings will give you STRENGTH, LIGHTEN your sin burden, and FREEDOM from your self. You’ll start GAINING ground in your knowledge of the TRUTH and stop being tossed about by every wind of philosophy & doctrine that crosses your path.

After being in your Bible with us day after day I hope you’re seeing a stark contrast in your life compared to these verses in 2 Timothy. The Bible Challenge ladies are growing in their strength and the Spirit is using Scripture to save us from being lovers of self. (Shout out to the guys reading along, too! But these verses are💥 for us ladies. Amen?!😅)


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