Bible Chat: Daniel 4-6

Did you see Jesus? We’re you challenged? Encouraged? Surprised? Fill us in!

Our week in Daniel 4-6 for the Bible Challenge is complete and now we’d love to hear from you!
Leave some thoughts here on what hit you as you pondered your way through these chapters all week.
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One thought on “Bible Chat: Daniel 4-6

  1. I see Jesus in the fourth man in the fire and in the angel sent to close the Lions’ mouths. I believe it was the pre-incarnate Christ there with those men, with them in their valley of death-like shadow.

    But I am still overwhelmed by the hardship that God brings upon His people. There’s no saying that God “allowed“ it. Scripture is clear that the Lord did it. So far in Daniel we have read of four amazing young men to whom God gave impossible faith and courage to accomplish His will and reveal His glory to a pagan people. Oh that God would give me such faith and courage! Did they feel weak? Were they shaking when they so confidently declared their allegiance to the one true God and their unwillingness to comply with the king’s demands?

    I once was a Nebuchadnezzar, building my own great Babylon by my own mighty power for my own glory, but God gave me what I call my Nebuchadnezzar years when I was as a beast before Him. Nevertheless, He continually holds my right hand and I am PROFOUNDLY ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that now I, Charmin, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, for all His works are right and His ways are just; and those who walk in pride He is able to humble.😭🙌🏻

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