Bible Chat: Daniel 1-3

Did Daniel 1-3 encourage and challenge you this week? Say so in the comments! Or leave some emoji’s (🪖❤️🎤👀) to show you read along!

Daniel is a 🔥🔥🔥 book and I’m excited for the rest of it.

If this Bible Challenge is new to you it would be great for you to jump over HERE and get filled in. It’ll change your life. 😉

Each Saturday we come back here on the blog, HERE on Facebook, or @vwec_bible_challenge on Instagram, to meet up after our week’s reading. I’m looking forward to seeing the Daniel comments! 🔥💥🙌🏻💪🏻


One thought on “Bible Chat: Daniel 1-3

  1. Quite honestly, I had trouble getting past the very first verse. Trying to comprehend what these young men (and the rest of the inhabitants of Judah) had endured is overwhelming. I am so encouraged to see how God allows, leads, gives wisdom, purpose and amazing miraculous provision all along the way. Asking God to keep me from forsaking Him if I lose everything and give me the same resolve as these for young men, to be willing to honour Him above all despite my circumstances and whether He delivers me or not.

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