God In Flesh

🗿In their world their gods wouldn’t meet them face to face.
🗿Their god’s hands were tied down with wood, metal, & stone, unable to move unless their worshippers took hold of them.
🗿In their world the gods didn’t care so much about revealing themselves to their people and showing up in their need.
🗿Revealing a brand spankin’ new secret like a detailed dream someone had was an impossibility. It was pointless to even ask.
‘Sure, o king! We can help you out! Just let us know what that dream was and we’ll figure it out for you!’
But what kind of a god could fill them in, in detail, about the actual dream before they get to the interpretation part?!!!

🔥That’s why I love the way God handles his passionately obedient followers being thrown into the 7x’s hotter fire a while later… I believe God was making a point to show up IN FLESH with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He didn’t have to. He could have saved them easily without making an appearance. But those Babylonian wise men had a lot to think about beyond the fact that the men weren’t harmed, didn’t even smell like fire…. The Hebrew’s God had come down and walked the fire WITH them.

🔥We have a God whose dwelling IS with man. He humbled himself to meet us in our need… he’s been doing it all along. And the idol worshippers had a lot more revealed to them that day than just the fact that this God could save. This God was personal. This God came down & met with His people.


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