Bible Chat: Philippians

Did you read Philippians this week??? Leave some emoji’s to let us know. 😉💥🎈🦊
Leave a thought of two of what jumped out at you as you read this week. We’d love to hear from you!

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Here’s a thought from my reading this week:
When I think of the book of Philippians I think of surrender. I know lots of people who think that the theme of Philippians is Joy, but I see surrender loud & clear.

I believe reading these pages brings us to our own crosses.
👉🏻It brings us to a place where we have to choose ourselves or others.
👉🏻It brings us to a place where we choose to have our own mind or the mind of Christ.
👉🏻It brings us to a place where we will either offer ourselves obedient to death, even the death on our ‘cross’, or not.

I have to ask myself what crosses I’m running away from these days. This year is bringing our true hearts and the need for surrender to full light in ways that hadn’t been imagined before. Read & pray. Knowledge & discernment. Honour God first & foremost, then your cross will become quite clear moment by moment.

“Have this mind among yourselves, which was also in Christ Jesus.”


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