Busy days? Rough last-of-the-winter days? Keep on choosing to serve. Us mommas have the ultimate job of teaching our kids what ‘my life for yours’ looks like on a practical level. It’s NEVER perfect and we will ALWAYS keep falling, messing up, and realizing more and more of our sin & shortcomings… it’s called being human. This being made from dust has deep effects, but life-breathed into that dust by Christ Himself has deeper effects that allow for a strengthening in that dust to continue to persevere and reach for the glory promised us to come.

Maybe you’ll make bread. Maybe you’ll go for a walk. Maybe you’ll model service by caring for the sick. Maybe you’ll sacrifice deeply in dark circumstances and your children won’t comprehend the lesson for many years to come…until they look back through their own story’s lense. Whatever your day is looking like today choose to react with 10 years from now in mind. Our choices impact years, not just moments.
This is not just our training ground as women, but our children’s, and their children’s. We can learn to pass on a legacy of Christ-centered service as much as depends on our dusty selves, and trust God to miraculously use it somehow.

There have been many days in the past few years that I’ve lost my breath, laying winded in a face plant of hard circumstance. Getting the wind knocked out if you has this deceiving feeling as if you’re dying. You lay there not able to draw a breath but look normal to all around you… they don’t know you can’t breath, and there’s nothing they could do essentially if they did realize. But after a few seconds your lungs remember to suck in some air and you get up and start moving again. Life returns. This is the life of a child of God at times. But we can’t take the few seconds of breathless position on the ground to define the whole race; that’s just a few steps of our journey.

We model to our people what it looks like, not to be flawless, but to be terribly flawed and persevere. We show them that Grace is what keeps us all moving forward.
Don’t pretend to have it all together. You don’t. No one does. You’re going to get winded at times. But thankfully you don’t have to be flawless to keep serving.


6 thoughts on “Winded

  1. I’m learning that “laying winded in a face plant of hard circumstance” is the refining fire and I’m so thankful for it! Often not thankful right away, lol. But hoping to learn to be more thankful during the face plant, knowing God is using it all for my refining and, in turn, to display brokenness and dependence on Christ to my children. Good post, thanks for the reminder 🙌🏻💗


  2. “Winded”
    As I think of the word, my lungs breath in as deeply as I can and I exhale the thought that everything is the way it is suppose to be. I take another Deep breath and KNOW that I am in God’s Loving Hands. YES, broken I am but in
    this brokenness and in this life I get to learn every lesson big and small that God has set in place for me .
    I wouldn’t miss that for the World.

    Thank You Shannon
    beautiful thoughts ❤


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