So what’s not working and you keep trying to prop it up and declare it productive religiosity?
What things are you trusting as solutions that keep failing and you keep trying to tweak?

These verses are a perfect picture of so much today that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.

Ask God to show you any Dagons in your life. Is there something you’re trusting in more than in the Sovereign One? Is it more important to you to keep carrying on with what you know and are familiar with, even though it falls short, rather than willingly put yourself under the judgement and care if the all-powerful God?

Anyone want to list a few possible ‘Dagons’ of our day?


4 thoughts on “Dagon

  1. Modern day Dagons:
    -our success
    -our friends
    -our families
    -our aspirations
    -our wealth
    -our image to others (This one is big with social media!)

    I have bowed down to all these things at one point in my life. (As a believer!) It’s a slippery slope to idolizing. Praise God for his word!


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