Hindsight is 20/20

Hindsight is 20/20. Hannah learned some hard lessons through her discontentment, anger, her vow, and following through by giving her son away. She was brought to a place of desperate reliance on the Sovereignty of her God.

So much to ponder as we read her story each day. I read it as a fellow mother and insert myself into her place and can feel her harder difficult feelings AFTER her son is born than any she felt while not conceiving. (If you look up all the descriptive words about how Hannah felt and acted during this time, the concordance definitions use ‘anger, thunder, rage, anxiety, and wrath’! Not how I’ve always been taught she acted! 😜)

Caught up in her anger and frustration of her circumstances it doesn’t seem that she is pondering the path of her feet…. where is the vow leading?
She doesn’t get to keep her baby.
She is promising to hand him over to be raised by what everyone knows to be ungodly men.
She has no promise of more children.

Just think about it all. Ponder the real-lifeness of it all. Hard circumstances, hard people… After experiencing more pain on the other side of her vow than she realized was coming, she makes this statement that we are utterly dependent on our God to work anything out. It is ONLY by GOD’S choosing that we will prevail.

I believe Hannah has been humbled. Such a hard lesson. I want to have a good long listen with her one day in glory. I want to hear her tell me all God did in her despite the depraved humanity of all those involved. All glory to God for working beautiful things out of a story of anger, envy, discontent, and poor choices! God is a God who redeems. We are full of Hope no matter what we see around us because it is not by might that a man prevails!


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