Mr. Weak

Feel like Mr. Weak some days/years???

Set your hope fully on the prize before you. Gird up those loins and give it all you’ve got, whether it’s running or crawling… just keep your eyes looking ahead to Zion… keep moving, no matter how slow it feels.

Your heart moves toward what gives it the most hope and it is easily deceived and desperately wicked. It needs to be trained to know the only true Hope.

Read your Bible. There is prep work to be done to ensure your forward motion in the right direction!


One thought on “Mr. Weak

  1. This is so true! And exactly how I interpreted “girding up the loins.” We need to be ready, and reliant on God’s words! Many days I feel like I’m crawling (many) but I always find hope as I gaze towards Zion. Praise be to God!


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