In Direct Proportion

Our relationships on earth are in direct proportion to our relationship with Christ. You might want to read that again πŸ˜‰…. What we know of the gospel transfers over into how we interact with the people around us. Full stop.

Nothing is more beautiful than bearing with one another, sin and all, and pursuing love and forgiveness to create endurance in our relationships. Indeed, it looks so much like Christ how could one look on that kind of love with disdain? We understand our depraved state and the forgiveness received from Christ and humbly offer the same to all the sinners around us. A BEAUTIFUL working out of the gospel.

On the flipside, nothing is more hurtful and brings more feeling of death to the soul then to find out that the forebearance and love you offer a fellow sinner/friend is not reciprocated. We all long to be accepted by others as Christ has accepted us.

Above all, adorn your relationships by covering each other’s short comings and evidences of sin. Not hiding sin, but coming along side & loving each other enough to stay there and work through it, drenching each circumstance with a true understanding of the gospel.


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