You Become What You Behold

My biggest regret is not purposing to put my relationship with God first at a younger age. The habits you form in your teens…or early twenties, or late twenties… carry you through the tough times that are sure to come.

Think of the godly woman you want to be when you get married, or when you have kids, or when your kids are teens or adults that need massive amounts of wisdom from you… that wisdom doesn’t come automatically.

You become what you behold. ❤️

I think of the Bible as a feast… I meet so many people that complain of spiritual hunger that is veiled as depression, anxiety, fear, bitterness… they think they need these unpleasant feelings and emotions taken out of their life by a change in circumstances. They don’t realize they are hungry and need to eat!

I point out a massive table in a King’s castle, laden with sumptuous delights of every kind, and say “Eat! It’s free to all who are willing! Anytime, just sit down and feast.”

And they say, “I don’t have time…”, or, “I prefer candy and chips…”, or, “I can’t unless it’s totally silent and a candle is burning and I feel wide awake and joyful…”, or, “I’m just too tired.” And they continue on in starvation. Or maybe they see other people stuffing their faces, so they crawl under the table and try to find crumbs that may fall.

I say, “Get up, you can come sit by me! You don’t have to scrounge for my leftover crumbs! You can have your own plate and fill it up. No matter how much you eat you will never be too full, but you will always be satisfied. And the table just keeps filling back up.”

This is what God’s Word is to us! Sometimes we need to acquire a taste for it, especially if we are used to junk food. But the more we eat it, the better it tastes.

The beautiful thing is that you’re never actually behind, you just left the table. Sit back down and pick up your fork- enjoy! This is mercy and grace. All is well! 🍞🍷

O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. ~Psalm 34:8~


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