God With Us

Don’t read through the gospels and miss these hanky waving details! Don’t miss the fact that when God chooses to step down to be with his people the leprous Simons of this world are made whole, and their homes become a meeting place for the beautiful perfume of sacrifice to be spilled by the Marys, and there’s room for the soon to be hypocrites like Peter to be taught true faith.

Without Jesus touching a diseased and hopeless situation Simon wouldn’t be part of the story here. But God… but God, who is full of mercy and healing brought the man home restored and ready to offer his home to all others who are looking for that same mercy. Others like Mary who would still be overcome by her demons without the touch of the Master… like Peter who was about to curse Christ and would learn that even when he himself was unfaithful Jesus would remain faithful, for He cannot deny himself. (2 Tim. 2:13)

I love that Matthew snuck this detail in. That ever so small detail that speaks volumes of our Messiah and what He came to do.

Praise God He is with us. Praise God for all He is at work restoring.



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