Bible Chat Matt 14-19

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I shared a couple of my thoughts from these chapters already this week but here is another one fresh from this morning as I read:

Jesus tells the disciples to feed the multitude knowing full well they don’t have enough. Twice. It may be that He was driving home the point, making sure they understood, they will never have enough to do what Jesus asks them to do but that doesn’t mean to call it a day and walk away.
What you & I have to bring to Christ’s armory will always fall shockingly short and useless in the battle He’s called us to. We don’t have the means in us to be holy as He is holy, or to serve people as He served them, or to forgive people as He forgives, etc. He just asks us to bring what we do have to Him first (our willing selves) and then watch what He does with it. When He blesses it we start handing it out and it miraculously goes as far as it needs to, and then some.

Bring it to Jesus and see what he does with your meagre offering today!

You can’t do it?
Of course you can’t!

There may be many waiting to be feed by His capable hands.


4 thoughts on “Bible Chat Matt 14-19

  1. Great thoughts, shannon!
    I didn’t get through the chapters as many times as I’d hoped this week but I still noticed a few things.
    1) I am so often Peter – asking God to strengthen my faith and bring me out onto the water and then getting scared and doubting when I see that He has brought me onto the waves. But I want to keep getting out of the boat to walk with Him.
    2) another thing I’m noticing in Matthew is that Jesus didn’t mince words. He offended the Pharisees and scribes when necessary but he did it with the truth. The gospel is offensive and Jesus shows that He doesn’t water it down AT ALL just because people don’t like what they hear. Telling the truth is loving.
    3) Peter again 😂 How often should I forgive my brother? Seven times? Jesus – seventy seven times. Just a thought, this means “cancel culture” isn’t an option for Christians. It’s just isn’t. Relationships can be tough, we all know that, but we need to forgive, and strive for unity in the body of Christ.

    1. All 3 of your points! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m with you on the Peter thing, I want to keep getting out of the boat, too. 😅

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