Bringing Children to Jesus

I wonder what happened to each of those children?
What was the rest of their life like after being blessed and prayed for by Jesus in the flesh?

I bring my children to Jesus all day long, every single day, and fall asleep ushering them forward to His presence every single night with intense prayer. I can imagine the compulsion those parents felt all those years ago, that if they could just get them to Jesus they’d be okay.

I don’t believe for one minute that life was all roses for those kids after Jesus went away. The same monotonous routines of the day and squabbles with siblings continued on. They would have experienced aches & pains, loss & hunger, many also falling into persecution for their association with the Christ…. But that blessing from ‘God with us’ never diminished from their lives, ever.

I continue to bring my kids to Jesus day after day even though they’re almost all grown up. I’ve experienced things in my home that only God Himself could accomplish, showing the futility of my own attempts at righteous parenting and also grace bestowed on a sinner like me, and them.

At the end of the day these people who took the time to bring their children to wherever Jesus was and just be prayed for by their Messiah, are heroes of the faith. They didn’t trust that their own faith in this Man could be enough, they knew these little people needed a personal experience with the Christ themselves.

I want to talk with a few of those children when I’m in glory. I’m looking forward to praising God for what He’s done in my family alongside their parents who will be praising God for the blessing He was willing to give them.

Keep bringing your kids to Jesus.


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