A Stormy Meeting Place

How’s life? Are things sketchy right now? Like the disciples that night out on the sea have you been fighting the waves and battling the contrary wind for a while and desperately trying to hold on and not get thrown overboard?

You can see where you should be… right over there, on the land… but mister man, this storm just won’t allow you to make any headway and you’re not so sure anymore that this isn’t just going to be your new forever normal.

Take heart, Jesus is coming to meet you in the storm. And He comes supernaturally walking on top of the circumstances. He is not held to the norms of nature or society in any respect. Nothing holds Him back and this crazy weather beating at you and your boat isn’t pointless either.

If life is dark and turbulent right now the stage is being set for you to understand more of Jesus and see Him work in a whole new way.

Take heart, my friend. Jesus is there. Peer into that darkness and seek Him as for hidden treasure. He will come in the middle of your storm and increase your faith.


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