Bible Chat: Matthew 10-13

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You can simply leave a comment letting us know you were reading along with us, OR you can leave a thought or two about what you read. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I’ll share something that popped out in a new way this week… and maybe you already knew this, but bear with me…

I have heard so many times that the part in Matthew 13:44-46 about buying a field because it has a treasure hidden and selling all the pearls to buy the one of great price is talking about our willingness to give up all to gain salvation… But then I read and reread this section all week and it finally got through my thick brain that it’s talking about what JESUS did! Which is why this Bible Challenge is, I believe, the best way to dive into Scripture.



Praise the Lord.

Jesus gave Himself to buy His Church. GLORY.

~ Shannon

Now full up the comments, let us know you joined in. 🤗

One thought on “Bible Chat: Matthew 10-13

  1. Happy Saturday! I had a shamefully lazy week of reading but managed to get through it a couple times. What stuck out to me was the part in chapter 12 where a group of Pharisees point out to Jesus that his disciples were “doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath”. (Good thing they told Jesus, otherwise he never would have known! Very helpful.) I did a quick search through Exodus and Leviticus but didn’t find anywhere that God specifically commanded hungry people not to take food from a field. Maybe I’m missing something? Anyway, my thought was that the Pharisees, as they were known for, were taking man’s additions to God’s law and equating them with God’s actual commands. And I love Jesus’s reply: “The Son of Man is lord of the Sabbath”.

    I was talking to a Seventh-Day Adventist this week, and unfortunately didn’t get to have a super long conversation, but the conversation made me think of the Sabbath again – this individual was fixated on people who don’t observe a Saturday Sabbath and how that’s against God’s law (and apparently the biggest sin, maybe I misunderstood his point). I was reminded of the afore-mentioned passage and also Hebrews 4 that talks about Jesus and his salvation being our Sabbath rest.

    Thankful for a day of rest – real, joyful, trusting rest – and for Jesus who IS our rest, as he is our everything else!


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