Are you a true friend?

Early in the year I hurt two of my friends. A lot. I was in sin. After a difficult couple of months (years?) I had snapped to a least suspecting audience and subsequently lost sleep and health for the the next two weeks.

I then apologized, cried, and threw myself at them asking for mercy. What I got was much more; the proof of a true friend; the proof of Christ in them. They became an embodiment of Christ in my life. I’m beyond thankful.

I was told I was forgiven and a while later I knew I was forgiven when after a simple little visit I received a hug and an ‘I love you’ from my offended friend… and continued attention.

To be on the receiving end of mercy and be able to link arms and continue down the road again actually strengthened my faith and strengthened the friendship. God is gracious.

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk from Rachel Jankovic that I share with you now and believe each and every one of you need to listen in, too.

May God teach us all to be Christlike friends.


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