What Flavour?

If your Christian life were a cup of tea what kind would you be? I’m serious. This is a good, hard question that will make you squirm. Follow me…
You may think you are a lemon ginger or camomile… or maybe a nice robust Irish breakfast tea.

Now think of all the difficult circumstances and all the difficult people in your life right now. They are the boiling water. They’re going to prove what kind of teabag your spiritual flavour is. There’s no hiding it once the hot water hits.

You can’t blame the people or circumstances for what seeps out of your teabag, no matter how frustrating or sinful they may be.

The teabag flavour is between you and God and He brings the hard things & people around to show YOU who you really are and give you a chance to repent and add some lemon ginger in there instead of the wormwood you discovered filling your cup.

We don’t often realize that even if our prayers were answered, if things were different, if that person hadn’t done that, that we would still be the same kind of tea. Living without boiling water leaves us in spiritual ignorance in which we think more of ourselves than we ought to think.

The fact is that you would be the same person even if your problems were fixed. It’s just that you know what kind of person you are BECAUSE of the problems.

But God is gracious and will FILL you with HIMSELF… and there are so many yummy flavours he enjoys sharing with the world. Don’t settle for wormwood. REPENT and see what flavour He wants to make you.


One thought on “What Flavour?

  1. Amen!!!
    And He has definitely been allowing lots of boiling water to pour over me lately😆
    I praise a God for his refining fire in my life ♥️


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