Holly’s Session

Holly will be sharing at the VWEC in just 2 more days!!! We cannot wait to see her again! She is always such an encouragement!
Here’s a snippet on what she’ll be sharing.

We are always trying to escape. Escape pain, embarassment, boredom, hunger…many sorts of trials. The idea of being comfortable all the times seems to be the human dream. “As long as you are happy” is the code phrase we use to give ourselves and others permission to be self centered and, ultimately, our own god. If our own happiness means discomfort or stress free lives, then good luck everybody else, because sacrificial love is no longer an option. Sacrificial love requires…well…sacrifice…which, by definition, requires loss, pain, stress or at the very least some discomfort. Sacrificing that which costs me nothing, is not truly sacrifice, as King David said.

Whenever our flesh experiences pain or stress, we feel that prickly thorn in our side and grimace. We do all we can to remove that thorn, so we can skip merrily on our way to the next pleasurable thing…I’m including myself in this…in fact, I could be the chief of sinners in this subconscious way. When that thorn is painful enough to really interfere with life, and out of our control…becomes clinical…we ask God to take it from us. Often He does. But sometimes He doesn’t.

Why on Earth would God not relieve us?! He’s a good Father, isn’t He?! Because, in Heaven, things are not always as they seem on Earth. The Apostle Paul was in this exact scenario, and asked God three times to remove some anonymous thorn from his flesh. God’s response was “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness”. In other words…no. You’ll get more than you need from me and you’ll see my power way more than if you were strong and pain free. Paul accepted that and kept on living with his thorn. The thorn had purpose. All thorns have sharp points.

The scriptures are clear that the point of his thorn was to keep him humble for some reason. It was used by Satan to bother, even torment him, but he needed it, otherwise, Paul’s flesh would have given into some proud temptation and pride always leads to destruction. The prick in your side keeps you from being destroyed.

Roses have thorns…well technically, prickles…however, their purpose is protection from predators, like pride. Roses are most glorious and delectable to some wild life, but not when a thorn accompanies each bite. Also, the thorns help a rose bush climb and grow, like those little sharp thingys that mountain climbers use to scale a cliff. Our trials and pains are for our maturity and strengthening…unless you’d rather enjoy couch potato Christianity, we need to learn how to live with the thorns…no…not just live with, but thrive, have victory and be joyful over them!!

“My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in weakness.” 💪
2 Corinthians 12:9

5×5…”Living With the Thorns”

More on this beautiful idea, this Saturday, at the Valley Women’s Encouragement Conference ❤

Very excited! I’m ready for a little “vacation” 😁


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