Prize Draw Info

VWEC 2020 is approaching fast! There isn’t much time this year to get your name on the ballot list! Want to know how we roll with our prize giveaways? Here’s some info.

First I’ll show you our table full of prizes we gave away last year. Isn’t it fantastic?!?! So much fun to give it all away!

In one of our morning sessions Charmin will be talking about our favourite things we found this year and explaining the things on our prize table. You’ll know more about the prizes you’d like to win after this session!

After lunch we draw for the winner of each prize. You can put your 10 ballots in 10 different draw bags or you can put them all in one to increase your chances on winning your favourite.

We LOVE showering as many of you as possible with encouragement and beautiful things!

The conference is free for anyone who wishes to attend. But if you’d like to take part in the prize draw fun there’s a prize draw registration fee of $20. If you register for the prizes at the door it’s $30. So definitely worth it to send it in early!

To get the info on conference this year just click HERE.

To let us know you’re coming and also register for the prize draw, click HERE. There’s a free registration form at the top AND a prize registration form underneath.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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