Doctrine & Pancakes Ep1

We have a new page on the site that will take you to our newest form of encouragement. So many women are not at a stage as a wife or in their motherhood where they can be leaving home to go chat stuff out with friends much. Well, we decided to invite you into our living room discussions every once in a while. Feel free to tune in and listen to all the random stuff that comes up and how we hash it out. Hopefully it will give you food for thought and challenge your thought process as you listen to someone talk about what we are learning as we study scripture and how that’s gonna change how we get up and make pancakes in the morning. Check the first instalment out in this post below, and the new page that will link to every episode as they added is here:

Doctrine & Pancakes Episodes

Episode 1

This first episode of ‘Doctrine and Pancakes’ is an invitation to join us for a living room chat as we discuss Doctrine, Sovereignty, Kids 24/7, and Forsaking the Assembly. We hope to challenge your spiritual status quo and give you lots of encouragement!

Of course we had technical difficulties right off the bat (of course! 🙄), but the next instalment should be better.

Welcome to our convo! This really is how we roll and we love it, interrupting and all! 😅

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