What’s New (with links)

Here at Watch the Sky things are SO DIFFERENT. Oh my. And there’s no end in site for more changes to come. Gotta fasten my seatbelt a little bit more.

These past months have been just one big change after another and this momma is about ready for some sweet normal… whatever normal is.

This past fall things started to feel crazy when my oldest told us about his plan to move west and follow some dreams. Enter prayer warrior mom status…. and all who have had kids leave the nest know how hard this was. He moved right after christmas along with a young family, his good friends, and started in on his adventure. I don’t think I’ll ever get over not having him home each night after work. I cried all Christmas Day knowing he would be gone soon. Sympathy please??


For a Mother’s Day surprise he drove in and shocked us all! He had come back with his friend to move the rest of their stuff west and didn’t tell us he was coming. So we all got to sit and chat and hug that boy! Best Mother’s Day present ever!

My boy isn’t the only one moving and grooving. The rest of us have moved out of the rental we were in (not your usual rental! It was big and beautiful and God set it right in our laps 4 years ago). It was wonderful and God used it in many ways. So thankful for our time there. But now is an even cooler turn of events. My family is moving into my childhood home and taking over The Homeplace!

No complaints here. But it’s surreal to watch your parents pack up their belongings and prepare to leave the home that has been theirs for 43 years. Not sure I’ll ever get over that either.  Because of the way life worked we had to move in before they moved out. This has made things a little crazy. But they are super patient and gracious. So we have two houses worth of stuff in one along with 8 people. Always an adventure.

While we sift through all the things piled around the Homeplace I’ve been making notes of all the cool things that I want to tell you about in case they are encouragements to you. I’ll have to split up the links and share some another time.

  • CLEANING: Before moving I had just found Clean Mama and fell in love. I printed off a bunch of printables and started a home binder and it changed how my days rolled. Shocking how a simple list and straightforward calendar in front of me all day every day can make such a big impact. With moving and life with piles around us make it difficult to continue my Clean Mama regime but I can’t wait to get back into the flow this website was teaching me to embrace. Life for the Elson’s is very busy and full and it is really difficult to maintain order and cleanliness when there is always something going on, people coming or going, and lots of relationships to be involved in. ( My mom can’t believe the amount of dishes that get washed dried and put away in the run of a day with my kids!) Clean Mama was the fresh boost I needed. My mom joined in on her website, too! You’ll love all the printables!
  • BINDER CHANGE: I am in the midst of changing up my planner. GASP!! I have used the Franklin Covey classic binder for the past number of years. I LOVE IT. But, it is hard to find all the accessories and papers that I want for it at the prices I want. While standing over the multitude of options in the Michael’s store here the manager of the store showed me her Happy Planner that she has been using for years. She took the time to walk me through all the different sizes, accessories, and options within this amazing planner. Also some money saving lessons she’s learned along the way. She was SO helpful. So I walked away with my own Happy Planner and have been transferring all my info into it from my old binder and thoroughly enjoying myself.
  • SOME AWESOME ENCOURAGEMENT for moms right here! Charmin sent Mothering the Mind by Rebekah Merkle to all of us sisters and told us to listen immediately ALL IN CAPS!!!! LOL. It’s an excellent listen. Excellent.
  • SOME MORE AWESOME ENCOURAGEMENT was sent to me from Jenn. Antifragile Mothering by Rachel Jankovic . So good. Take a listen!! We all need to be told this stuff!


  • AFRICA FOR NIKKI: Many of you know and love my cousin, Nikki. She is headed to Africa! She’s pumped to be headed to go help her good missionary friend this summer. God has just continued to do amazing things in her life and we all just praise God for all the things He keeps doing through her and her testimony. Leave some encouragement for her here! Let her know you’ll be praying for her! If you haven’t heard her story from the beginning you can listen to Nikki’s testimony on the blog.

That’s all for now. Keep on keeping on y’all!


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