Fav’s: A Sermon & A Recipe

I have an all-time favourite, life changing kind of sermon to share with you. Skip ahead to the 2 minute mark if you don’t care about the very long introduction to the speaker. 😉

Sermon: The Magnificent Defeat

You can listen to that while you are making the recipe I’m sharing! 😉

Charmin found an awesome white bread recipe years ago and I tweaked it for my stand mixer and what worked for me. It’s so Good! So easy! So cheap!!!!

People think that making bread is a big ordeal but it’s so desperately easy and takes hardly any of your time! Give it a try and your family will love you. Seriously, if I can do it anyone can.

White Bread

1/4 Cup Lard

1/4 Cup Sugar

3tsp Salt

2 1/3 Cup Hot Water

Mix this until lard melts.

Dump in 4 cups Flour with 1 1/2 Tbsp Quick Rise Yeast and mix well. Add 2 Cups Flour and knead … continuing kneading in flour until bread is ALMOST too sticky to handle. It may take between 3-4 cups of flour.

Knead into a ball and set in oiled pan, roll dough to cover with oil. Cover with syran wrap and a towel and set in warm

Place to raise for 30 min – 1 hour.

Divide dough into 3 even sections. Knead into 3 loaf shapes and set in greased bread pan. Set aside to raise for 30 min-1 hour.

Bake at 400 for 20-25 min. Just until nicely browned.

Brush with butter immediately.

(This recipe freezes well, too! Yummy goodness is not lost upon thawing.)

~ Shannon

2 thoughts on “Fav’s: A Sermon & A Recipe

  1. Loved this sermon. This past pregnancy and it’s complications has been a defining time of magnificent defeat for me. I am so thankful to the Lord for that. When He slays me I will trust and seek and worship Him.


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