2019 Sessions

Shannon Elson: Psalm 66 is a wonderful vantage point to consider all the Lord wants to do for your soul. Join Shannon as she sets the stage for the rest of the testimonies you’ll hear throughout the weekend. If you aren’t in awe of the table that Christ has made available we want to increase your appetite for what we have found there. God has worked in us each so uniquely to teach, mold, and use us as we learn to love His table more and more.

Nova Lake: Her journey started in the Philippines as a child and 10 years ago the Lord brought her to Canada. Since then Nova has started her family with her husband of 6 years and been a faithful church goer, but she describes her faith during that whole time as stagnate. It was when she took on the Bible challenge that her soul was awakened. She was surprised by what happened and wants to share how God has moved and changed her heart in recent years.

Stephanie Haayer: Though Stephanie has known some very dark times she can look back and see God’s tremendous grace in her life, and not just hers but her husband’s as well. God saved their souls and then their marriage! They have been one of our most recent living testimonies of how God can take the impossible and turn it into praise for His glory. If you are in a difficult season right now this woman’s story will fill you with hope of all God can do. Don’t give up!

Charmin Meadows (Favourites 1): Listen in on some practical, quirky, and generally awesome favourite things that have changed our lives.

Lois Dorey: Lois is a wife of 50 years, mother to 4 daughters, and grandmother to 23 grandchildren (soon to be 24!). She will be sharing some practical examples and applications from her experience in raising her children, and observing others. A life of doing your best to serve the Lord in how you raise your little ones is what she knew, but you may be surprised at what she’s learned through it all. You’ll be encouraged to step away from your results- driven faith in this session.

Charmin Meadows (Favourites 2) : Listen in on some more practical, quirky, and generally awesome favourite things that have changed our lives in little and big ways.

Tanya Baltzer: Caught up in an ungodly movement full of false teaching, Tanya has an amazing story of God’s protection and guidance throughout her troubled teen years as well as through her 25 years of marriage  and raising 5 children, 2 of which are still at home with her. It’s amazing to see how simply changing her approach to Scripture brought her the freedom she wasn’t aware she needed. As you listen you may be surprised to find that the teaching she will be talking about has permeated most of North American christianity in one way or another…. and maybe even your own understanding of Scripture.

Nikita Rio: God reached down in the midst of heavy depression and food addiction and showed Nikita that He alone could provide what she needed. As she poured over Scripture daily, God made Himself known hour by hour, day after day, until she couldn’t deny Him anymore. You’ll hear yet another story of amazing grace in this wife of 8 years and mother to 2 pre-teen daughters. Since that day not many months ago God has also used Nikita’s testimony to bring her sister to Christ!

Jenn Saleunwhite: As we get deeper into Scripture so many things in our lives are brought to the surface.Jenn will be sharing from her own experience in the Word and how it has ripped her world right open and exposed some things that needed to be taken captive by Christ. Married for 18 years and mother to 3 children ages 13, 10, and 7, she has been made aware of a whole new realm of idol worship. We will be brought to a place to ask ourselves what idols are quietly governing our lives without our knowledge.

Charmin Meadows: After many years of good intentions and trying to pull up her own spiritual bootstraps, God stepped in and showed Charmin how to prepare her heart and renew her mind through simple and faithful time in Scripture. Charmin will be sharing her insights from that journey with us. Although married for 27 years raising 7 children (4 of whom are now adults) and a christian for 23 years, Charmin’s new perspective makes her feel like she’s just getting started!