A Giveaway!!

During my mother’s session, Keeper of My Heart: How God Transformed My Home, she mentioned a book that helped her tremendously as a brand new christian and homemaker. The session is needed very much in today’s world and is worth another listen! Somehow the book that was going to be a prize, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund, was lost in all the conference busyness. I decided it would be fun to have a blog giveaway so that you still have a chance to win a copy.IMG_5252

There are two copies to win and I’ll mail them (or hand deliver if you live close enough) to each winner. Contest opens today, Tuesday, November 13th and closes Wednesday, November 21st at midnight. I’ll be picking the winning names out of a hat here at home, all fancy-like. Watch for the winners to be announced on November 22nd!

Just write a comment on this post about this year’s  2018 Home & Vision Conference, whether you were there in person or listened in online afterward! If you haven’t listened in yet, check out the 2018 Sessions here and then you can try for the prize. 


8 thoughts on “A Giveaway!!

  1. It’s more than a month and everything I heard/learned is still challenging me. Discipline? I don’t wanna win that book:) hahaha


    1. LOL, Nova! 😁
      Glad to hear you were challenged! So was I!! God just keeps on doing amazing things! Thankful for you. ❤️


  2. After all that goodness from the conference, how does one pick out what was best???
    Everyone shared so many valuable things.

    Shannon’s two sessions were challenging and still are with us here at home … (I came with my daughter)

    But my personal gold nugget…?

    For whatever reason, maybe the lifelong longing for an older woman that would mentor me … , the sessions from Mrs. Dorey spoke to my heart in the deepest way. Many different things that I am not able to share here for their personal matter are still mulling inside, but one thing has changed on the outside that even my kids have noticed. For practicality with lots of little ones, for years I suppressed the expression of beauty in some ways, like the table settings. Well, my kids say I have been inspired at the conference, because now, most of the time, we use a tablecloth when we are eating!!! Not just in between : ) Even if that adds to a little more wash, it makes everything much more beautiful. Now I am on the look out for some beautiful dishes at Salvation Army… : )

    I hope that the inside will keep changing so the outside will keep following, by God’s grace.

    Thank you to everyone sharing at the conference, but a special thank you to Mrs. Dorey.

    Keep the conferences coming, God bless you.


  3. The whole weekend was such a blessing! It was such an encouragement to study the word which I am stil enjoying to this day. Looking forward to next years.


  4. The conference was both encouraging and challenging. Everything, including the food was wonderful.
    I also came back home and began to study my Bible differently.
    Thank you for all the work that went into it.


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