How to Study the Bible (with sermon link)

At the conference last week I shared my version of how to become addicted to your Bible. I’ve had the addiction for a number of years and I was thrilled with the chance to introduce a new way to dive into Scripture to so many women all at once. Many have been intrigued by the ideas I shared.

Here is my Bible Addiction Challenge in a nutshell:


My Bible reading plan is based on John MacArthur’s sermon I listened to many years ago.   It changed my life! I recently looked it up again and gave a listen and enjoyed it even more this time through. I promised to share it with you and here it is.

John MacArthur’s How to Study the Bible

I want to do what John MacArthur talked about and am concentrating on the New Testament for my Bible challenge and am starting in on reading through the Old Testament in a year using the Blue Letter Bible Chronological Reading Plan.

Let me know what you think!!!


2 thoughts on “How to Study the Bible (with sermon link)

  1. You mentioned a verse in your talk that mentioned everyone gathering up the kids to listen to Paul’s letter. Can you please give me the reference to that?


    1. For sure, Olivia! The passages I was thinking of were Nehemiah 8:1-9:3 where all of Israel, men, women, and children gathered and listened to the Law and teaching for hours and hours at a time. Also, loosely, I was thinking of Colossians 4:16 giving the idea of whole families gathering to read the letters of Scripture as they arrived at their home churches. Children are addressed throughout teaching as well with words like, “Children obey your parents…” which leads you to believe they are present as things are read/taught. Also, Deuteronomy 31:11-13. There are probably more, but those are the ones that I have in my memory. Hope this helps.


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