Must Read!

Jaquelle’s book is AWESOME! I simply cannot wait to meet this young woman in person. As if it’s possible, it makes me even more excited to sit in on her sessions.

I hope whether you are a teen or not you all read This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years. The message applies to my 41 year old self just and much as my 18 year old. Don’t let the word ‘teen’ under the title scare you away. Read it!

But if you don’t have a chance to pick it up or order it before, you will be able purchase a copy at the conference and chat with the author. I’m sure you will want your teens to read it along with you. 😉

We are continuing with our work to make this years conference the best one yet. Stay tuned as I get more details out to you.

We would appreciate your prayers through the preparations of the next couple of months as we wrap it all up pretty for you.