A 2018 Challenge

Here’s something I’ve wanted to pass on for a looooong time. I just used my iPhone, and it isn’t awesome quality, but that’s not the point…. When I say this will change your life, I do not say that lightly. I hope to be sharing often this year on the blog all the ways this simple challenge has made a difference for me since I began 19 years ago. Check it out and I double-dog dare you to try it! 😉Challenge poster




4 thoughts on “A 2018 Challenge

    1. It’s never too late. The challenge is to read the same book (or 4 or 5 chapters if it’s a longer book like 1 Samuel) every day. The next week you move to another book (or the next 5 chapters of the longer book). No one will check up on you. I’ll just be sending out reminders and thoughts on the process throughout the year. Glad to have you join in, Jan!!

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