Summer Appetites

Summer is here. And if your family is anything like mine summer can take on a life of its own. The sun is out longer and there are so many activities that can be fit into a day, and before you know it life is at a whirlwind pace.


I’m asking all of us moms to consider taking a step back and enjoying the old fashioned kind of summer. You know, the kind that enjoys time at home with family & friends, and taking the opportunity to learn to work.

Way back, like 20 years ago, when I was watching a documentary, I heard a mom of many say that she wanted her children to love being home and so she worked hard at staying home and making it a great place to be. They didn’t run the roads or sign up for programs. They just enjoyed home. She cultivated that and created an appetite in her children to love and care for home. I think that when you are content at home you lose the need for constant gratification elsewhere. I love being home and I love it when my kids want to invite others over. Our house is full. A lot. I love it. It is exactly what I would wish. I have been thankful for that lady’s testimony many times over the years as it reminded me of that same goal in my life.

Through the summer we take ample time to sit by the pool and relax. So thankful for downtime. But summer is also when we have had the majority of time to work on our kids work ethic throughout the years. Berry picking, lawn mowing, wood stacking, yard cleanup…. so many opportunities to cultivate a love of working hard. Plus, as they get older and better at it they can work away from home and have money in the bank and learn to save, and spend wisely with ever-watchful dad & mom showing how its done. It’s not easy to cultivate the appetite for hard work in young children. There were a few days this momma just cried, and still does. It’s rough sometimes and I’m a weak and frail and a selfish human being. But there were so many more days that gave hope. On those hard days I remember Proverbs 31 says that, ‘She shall rejoice in time to come…” Not now. Now is the hard work. But in time, after we have sown many many many seeds, we reap a bountiful harvest.

So while you enjoy all the things summer is to you, remember you are creating appetites. You are sowing seeds in your children that will reap a bountiful harvest. Make sure you are sowing the right seeds so that you will be thrilled at what you see when it’s ripe and ready!!


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