Conference 2018

VWEC 2018 Postcard

Meet our Encouragers!!

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Stay tuned for more details of all we have planned for your wonderful weekend with us!

If you are travelling any distance to attend the conference this coming fall and would like the option of staying overnight close by, we have a few suggestions to help get you started. It’s always nice to stay with friends, and hopefully you can work that out, but here is a little help if you can’t.

PillowCase Bed & Breakfast is just up the road from conference location right in Somerset! The perfect spot for ease of travelling.

Candle Inn the Window in nearby Berwick is only a few minutes drive from the conference as well.

Best Western is about 15 minutes away in nearby Kingston.

Allen’s Motel in Kentville, about a 20 minute drive to conference location.

We hope this helps!
Our conference has been born out of a desire to see the mothers in our area find good direction and teaching so our families can grow stronger and learn practical ways to live out their God-given convictions. Many moms have not grown up with the blessing of having a wise older woman to counsel and guide them through the ups and downs of wifehood and motherhood. We see a tremendous need to build each other up and give wise biblical counsel so that when the hard days come the foundation has already been built,  we have the wisdom to know what needs to be done, and the strength to follow through with it.

We live in a day when moms are constantly distracted from their highest goals,… or even worse, we are so distracted we don’t have goals at all. It is so easy to be caught up in the ebb and flow of life and before you know it you have been carried off down the beach to nowhere. Had you been paddling intently on a distant shore, the end would probably be much closer and attainable. We would love to help remind you of what our goals as mothers should truly be, and encourage each other to keep paddling (or start).

And so, after women have heard about our upcoming conference and wished that it was now, we have started this new website where not only can you find information for the annual conference, but you can also come and be encouraged right now. Check back here for tidbits of encouragement from Scripture and lessons we’ve learned, both good & bad, along the way. And through it all may Christ be honoured as we learn to be the mothers He has called us to be!